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Library Usage During Finals


     In order to make the Dearborn Public Library a welcoming environment for all who visit, the Dearborn Library Commission has approved specific safety guidelines.  These guidelines will be implemented during the period of January 16 through January 26, and they will be enforced at all Dearborn Library locations: Bryant Branch, Esper Branch and Henry Ford Centennial Library. 

During the period of January 16 – January 26:

  • All students between the ages of 13-17 are required to have either in-building parent/guardian supervision or a parental/guardian-signed agreement that the student will abide by the Library Code of Conduct while in any library building.
  • If parent/guardian remains in the building: If a parent/guardian elects to remain in the building, they may supervise up to 4 students.  They will be required to sign a form listing the students’ names and agreeing that they are responsible for that group.
  • If parent chooses to leave the building: If the parent chooses to leave the building, they will be required to sign a form providing accurate, personal contact information as well as the contact information of an alternate person authorized to pick-up the student if deemed necessary by library staff.  Library staff decisions are binding.
  • Additionally, all students must show school ID or other valid photo identification upon entering the building. To enforce this, the Library will post staff at the public entrance doors to greet people as they enter the building.
  • Children under 13 years of age are not allowed to remain in a library building without direct parental supervision at any time of year.
  • Any information collected will not be used for the purpose of creating a library record but, should a disciplinary situation arise, may be shared with law enforcement, school officials, the student’s parents and library staff. 

     The goal of the Dearborn Public Library is to provide a positive and quiet atmosphere for all who visit to use library resources.  These guidelines are in accordance with advice from the Dearborn Police Department and have been approved by the Library Commission, the Mayor’s office and the City Council.

For more information, please contact Library Administration at  313-943-2330


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