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If you’re wondering why we made a change to our New Titles list system, we’re happy to explain!  Our old system had limited functionality, it was difficult to navigate, and limited in scope.
Wowbrary improves upon all the failings of our old system:

  • Wowbrary shows you virtually all new items we’ve ordered.
  • There is no duplication or overlap from previous weeks (the old pages often had repeat titles for a long time)
  • You’ll see ebooks and eaudiobooks (the old pages didn’t include those)
  • You’ll see new titles sooner and so can place your request sooner and get items faster
  • Also, knowing right away that the library has ordered something that you planned to purchase, may save you money
  • You can see new items by more genres and subjects that may be of interest, such as Mysteries, Cooking, and Romance (the old pages had none of these)
  • You will see attractive cover images, reviews and ratings of the new items
  • You can get a free weekly email showing new items (saving you the trouble of having to check yourself)

dpl_wow✓ Receive free weekly email alerts or RSS

✓ Discover the latest books, DVDs and CDs

✓ Reserve bestsellers instantly

✓ Enjoy the early notification

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