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Shelf Help matches users to library materials (books, audiobooks, magazines, DVDs and music CDs) based on a variety of preferences, such as genre, interests, author, and format. This service is open to patrons of all ages, with both adult and youth services librarians working hard to find the right fit.

To use Shelf Help, fill out the Shelf Help questionnaire. Librarians will place up to 5 items on hold on your library account. Once your materials are ready, you will be notified via phone or email. You may pick up your materials at any of our three locations.

Fill out and submit a separate form for each individual. The same library card can be used multiple times. There is a thirty item limit per account for requests. If you have previous requests or request multiple times with the same card, you may not be eligible for Shelf Help.

If you would like to request specific items, please visit


Shelf Help Form


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