Dearborn Library SparkLab

Green Level

Green Equipment List

Tools, equipment, and areas of the SparkLab marked with a green sign or tape do not require any specialized training beyond a general safety orientation and signed SparkLab Maker Agreement.

Comb Binding Machine – a specialized hole punching machine that is used with plastic combs to loosely bind booklets together. Can also be used to punch holes for spiral bindings. Accommodates up to 11” long paper.

Jewelry Making Tools – pliers, wire cutters, ring sizers, etc.

Leatherworking Tools – including awls, punches, sinew, needles, etc.

Mini Steam Iron and Ironing Pads

Sewing/Embroidery Tools – rotary cutters, needles, thimbles, measuring tapes, plastic rulers, scissors, etc.

Wood Carving Tools – including a protective glove, carving knives, etc.

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