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RB Digital Unlimited Access Magazines and Newspapers


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Dearborn Public Library’s subscription to RB Digital gives you access to thousands of magazines and newspapers. Read directly in your internet browser or download a supported RB Digital app!

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RBdigital puts the best entertainment and information at your fingertips. Now you can check out and enjoy your favorite magazines and newspapers from the library in one app. 


The Basics

Whether you are a new user or have used RB Digital before, you will need to create a new account to access our expanded selection of magazines and newspapers. If you are already logged in to RB Digital, log out and create a new account. (You can use your same login information from your previous RB Digital account, but you’ll need to register it as a new account.)

  • Create an account by clicking Register in the upper right corner at or
    tapping Register Now in the RB Digital app, and following the prompts to create a username
    and password.
  • Log into RB Digital with your username and password.
  • Borrowed magazines and newspapers do not expire and do not need to be returned.

Borrow Magazines

  • Search for a specific title by clicking the magnifying glass in the upper right hand of the screen
  • See what titles are available in the browser by clicking Explore; from there you can view all the titles, click Sort to view titles in alphabetical order, or click Filter to view titles by genre or language. In the app, tap the menu on the left and select Magazines to view all titles, then Sort By or Filter to alphabetize or view by genre or language.
  • Once you find a title you are interested in, tap on the cover. Click Checkout next to the most recent issue, or click View All to see back issues to check out.
  • In the app, magazines that have been checked out can be downloaded for offline access. Under the menu on the left, tap Checked Out. Under the checked out magazine, tap Download.

Borrow Newspapers

  • Scroll down to Newspapers, click on Pressreader, then click Checkout.
  • Click Access- this will take you out of RB Digital and give you access to Pressreader’s newspaper collection in an internet browser.
  • To search for a specific publication or news story, click the magnifying glass in the upper right corner. To browse publications by country, language, or category, click the menu on the left and click Publications.