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Library Service Update 6/18/20

Dearborn Public Library is working to restore Library services, one step at a time

Providing curbside service to our residents is the first step in our phased re-opening. All patrons with holds on our shelves before we closed in March are being notified and scheduled for curbside pick-up. Beginning Friday, June 19, patrons will once again be allowed to place requests on library material. Curbside pickup will begin on Tuesday, June 23 at both Bryant and Esper. You will be notified when your requests are available and can make arrangements at that time for pickup. All proper safety protocols will be followed when providing these items to patrons. The Library is pleased to report that we are now receiving many new items and processing them into the library collection – so place your reserves!

Before more services become available and facilities reopen to the public, a careful plan to protect the safety and health of employees and residents must be in place and executed. Working in conjunction with City Administration, we are in the process of completing a COVID safety plan and will review our options for re-opening Bryant and Esper branches. Due to limits on building capacity, only a small number of patrons will be allowed into the building at one time and only for a short period of time.

The Library will post updates here at and through our social media channels.

Virtual library services have been provided throughout the pandemic and will continue for the foreseeable future. As more activities are allowed under the Governor’s directive, the Library will move forward purposefully, but with caution.

We understand you are anxious to return to the library and we are excited to resume serving the community. However, we want to keep everyone safe and healthy so we ask for your patience as we continue to prepare our staff and our buildings.

Maryanne Bartles


Is the library now open?

While all Dearborn library locations continue to be closed to the public, patrons can place requests for library material.  When the material is available, you will be notified and can arrange for curbside pick-up.  Hours for curbside pick-up for Bryant Branch and Esper Branch are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 2pm-6pm and Saturday 10am-2pm.

Please see the Curbside Pick-up Page for more information.

Can I return library materials?

Please click here for more information about returning library materials.

Can I get a library card?

Yes! You can get a digital library card by clicking here and following the instructions.  When we reopen, you will need to come in and present your ID and convert the digital library card to a full-service card.

Do you have ebooks or other digital media that I can borrow?

The library has an abundance of ebooks, audiobooks, digital magazines, TV shows, music, movies, and more.  Head on over to our eMedia page to get started.

What other resources are available online?

We offer many resources for learning and entertainment.  Gale Courses is our free online learning resource covering a variety of subjects.  Some of the other popular databases are Consumer Reports, Creativebug, Detroit Free Press Historical Newspapers and Mango Languages.  Check out our online resources page to get started with these and many more.

Are you offering programs or Summer Reading right now?

We offer many virtual programs for all ages. Look for a schedule of activities here or follow the library’s Facebook page to see future events.  The summer reading program has been adjusted to accommodate remote library events and mobile tracking.  Please check out our Summer Reading 2020 page for more information.

Are you charging overdue fines?

No.  We have extended due dates on all items currently checked out.  For new items, picked up in June 2020, and going forward, you will receive due date slips with the expected return dates for all items.  Please be courteous and return or renew items on or before due dates.

What about my holds?

When your requested material becomes available, you will be notified and then you will be able to make arrangements for curbside pick-up during the hours of 2pm-6pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and 10am-2pm Saturday.

Please see the Curbside Pick-up Page for more information.

What about my holds?

When your requested material becomes available, you will be notified and can arrange for curbside pickup. 

Are you accepting donations?

No donations are being accepted at this time.

How can I find out more information?

Please continue checking the library website and our various social media outlets for updates.  If you are calling either Bryant Branch (313-943-4091) or Esper Branch (313-943-4096), please leave a message, and the staff will respond as soon as possible.  Staff are not working in buildings on a daily schedule but do check messages consistently. 

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