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Manage Your Holds

As library materials begin to circulate again all library users are strongly encouraged to look at their suspended holds.  All suspended holds have had their reactivate date extended to July 31st.  If you would like your suspended hold sooner, or would no longer like to have your suspended hold please see the following instructions on how to manage your suspensions.  

How to manage suspended items:

 1.  Go to and click on the “My Account” button in the upper right-hand corner.

2.  Click on the Holds tab at the top of your account information window.  Suspended items display a calendar icon next to them on the list.  

3.  Select the checkboxes next to the items you would like to adjust the suspension for, and click on the “Edit/Suspend Holds” button.  Select the date to suspend your hold until.

4.  Done!

For more information about our reopening plans see the Library Service Update.

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