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HFCL Renovation Gallery

The Work in Progress

The renovations that are being planned are extensive and HFCL cannot remain open during this time.  The project includes the installation of a new energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC), the replacement of existing lights with energy-efficient lighting, the renovation of the second-floor restrooms, and the renovation of the east side of the mezzanine to include a new conference room, several group study rooms, a maker space, a computer lab and a digitization lab along with a few more single-person study booths.  We also plan to reorganize the second-floor layout of the book stacks as well as adding additional electrical outlets, replacing the wallpaper and creating a first-floor snack lounge with vending machines.

Funds to support the HVAC renovation and replacement of existing lighting were made available through a bond sale.  Library Capital Improvement project money will support all additional improvements.

Please see Facts About the HFCL Closure document for more information.

Renovation Gallery

Concept Gallery

Although not a definitive picture, below is a selection of concept art for some of the new spaces in HFCL.