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Exam Proctoring

The Dearborn Public Library provides exam proctoring at the Henry Ford Centennial Library location. Patron requests for exam proctors are referred to the librarian in charge of proctoring, who will schedule a date, time and appropriate place for the patron to complete the required test. The test period will be monitored periodically and verified by an assigned staff member. 


  • Students must contact the librarian in charge of proctoring prior to submitting the proctor’s information to their school.
  • Students must provide a contact person at the school who will review and approve these guidelines.
  • Proctoring is only available during open library hours Monday through Saturday. Tests will not be proctored on Sunday.
  • Students must schedule their exam with the librarian at least two business days in advance.
  • The proctoring fee is $12 per exam for full-privilege Dearborn Public Library cardholders and $27 per exam for all others. The fee must be paid via cash or check (made out to City of Dearborn) prior to administration of the exam.
  • The library is unable to provide refunds.
  • The proctor may be someone other than the person who originally set up the appointment.
  • Students must come prepared and with appropriate I.D.
  • Software cannot be installed on library computers, and we do not have the ability to lock down internet browsers.
  • The library cannot guarantee that students will be observed all times during the exams. A library staff member will periodically check on the student during the exam.
  • Testing accommodations may vary. The library cannot provide a locked or secure place for the test, nor a quiet study room.
  • The use of cell phones or visiting with others is prohibited. Any perceived violation of the posted rules for the exam will be reported to the educational institution as a measure of good faith.
  • The student must contact the library to cancel a scheduled test time. Tests missed without notice will not be rescheduled, and money will not be refunded.
  • Students must provide addressed and stamped envelopes for exams that need to be returned by mail. The library will scan and email exams that can be returned in that way.
  • For record-keeping, the library will retain copies of printed tests for a period of one year.
  • The library is not able to save copies of online exams.
  • The librarian will not sign proctoring verifications attesting to services that were not performed, i.e. continuous monitoring.
  • The library reserves the right to refuse proctoring if the student does not adhere to these guidelines.
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Student Name
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Must be during available library hours
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