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The purpose of the Dearborn Public Library is to enhance the lives and experiences of those who live, work, visit and invest in Dearborn by empowering them through connections with others and through access to educational, informational and recreational resources and activities.



  • Increase awareness of the Library through marketing and outreach engagement
  • Prioritize service to Youth (birth to 18)
  • Prioritize service to Senior Citizens
  • Unite our Community



The Dearborn Public Library brings the community together to foster the spirit of exploration, the joy of reading, and the pursuit of knowledge for all ages, cultures and lifestyles.



The Dearborn Public Library provides a platform for a broad range of quality services and a balanced collection of resources for the educational, informational and recreational needs of the community.


Value Statements

  • Encourage use by all
  • Provide a safe, user-friendly environment
  • Collaborate with the community, creating synergies and relationships
  • Anticipate and respond to community needs
  • Stay up-to-date with best practices and technology
  • Be good stewards of community resources
  • Value and respect the privacy rights of patrons and staff as set forth by the American Library Association

Library Commissioners

CHAIR – Marcel J. Pultorak
     Term Ends June 2023

VICE CHAIR – Dr. Ryan Lazar
Term Ends June 2023

SEC.-TREASURER – Jihan Jawad
     Term Ends June 2023


Barth Bucciarelli
     Term Ends June 2024

Ali Dagher
     Term Ends June 2024

Michelle Jawad
     Term Ends June 2024

Amira Haidar
     Term Ends June 2025

Gerilyn Biggs
     Term Ends June 2025

Zeinab Alhashemi
     Term Ends June 2025

Library Commission Meetings by Year


January 12

February 09

March 09

April 13

May 11
(Held in HFCL Auditorium)

June 08
(Held in HFCL Auditorium)

July 20
(Special Meeting)

September 14

October 12

    • Agenda
    • Minutes

November 09

    • Agenda
    • Minutes

December 14

    • Agenda 
    • Minutes


January 08

February 12

March 12

April 09

May 14

June 11

September 10

October 08

November 12

December 10


January 10

February 14

March 13

April 17

May 08

June 12

September 11

October 09

November 13

December 11


January 11

February 08

March 08

April 12

May 10

June 14

September 13

October 11

November 08

December 13

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