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Library Matters is a monthly digital newsletter that gets delivered right to your inbox.  Sign up to receive information about library news, events, workshops, literature discussions and more. 

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BookLetters is a free service that allows you to sign up for regular e-mail newsletters with comments and reading recommendations in a variety of categories. Whether you enjoy fiction, mystery, biography, history, current events, health and home improvement, or books for teens and children, these newsletters will keep you posted on library resources as well as the many activities scheduled at the Dearborn Public Library.

The best part? You can use BookLetters to fit your own personal reading or listening preferences. Select only the categories that interest you, and receive regularly e-mailed reviews and articles on popular titles in those categories.

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New Item Alerts

Browse or sign up for Wowbrary to receive a comprehensive list of all of the new materials we have ordered for the Dearborn Library collection.

      • Wowbrary shows you virtually all the new items we’ve ordered.
      • There is no duplication or overlap from previous weeks 
      • You’ll see ebooks and audiobooks 
      • You’ll see new titles sooner and so can place your request sooner and get items faster
      • Also, knowing right away that the library has ordered something that you planned to purchase, may save you money
      • You can see new items by more genres and subjects that may be of interest, such as Mysteries, Cooking, and Romance (the old pages had none of these)
      • You will see attractive cover images, reviews, and ratings of the new items
      • You can get a free weekly email showing new items (saving you the trouble of having to check yourself)

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Author Alerts

Sometimes it is hard keeping up with new material from your favorite authors, especially knowing right when new material from that author gets added to the library collection. Well not anymore with Dearborn Library’s new Author Alerts service. 

Once signed up you will be able to request an email or text alert for as many authors, performers, or studios that you would like. Simply provide a first and/or the last name and click add. The system will also show you recent alerts that you and others have submitted (if you opt to), as well as suggestions for popular authors to be alerted about. Once a title has been added to the library collection that is on your alert list the system sends you a link back to the catalog, so you can be in line for the new items.

Features of the new service:

      • Unlimited number of alerts
      • Email or text notification
      • Alerts include links straight to new material in the catalog
      • Discover new authors

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