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Individual Study Rooms

Henry Ford Centennial Library has individual study rooms. There are 14 in total, located on the second and third floors of the library.  They are all first-come, first-served with no time limits. 

Group Collaboration Rooms

Henry Ford Centennial Library and Esper Branch Library have Collaboration Rooms.  These rooms are for collaborative study, quiet discussion or tutoring, project work or similar activities. They are not for individual study.  There are no collaboration rooms at the Bryant Branch Library.

collaboration room
Ford Room
green screen room
Reflection Room
quiet study room

Collaboration Room Guidelines

  • There must be at least 2 people present to use a collaboration room.
  • Rooms are first-come, first-served.
  • There is no time limit.
  • The rooms are locked when not in use. Staff will give access to the rooms when requested.
  •  Groups may not leave the rooms unoccupied or occupied by more than a single person for more than 15 minutes without forfeiture the room.
  • Rooms are for those who are 18 years old or older; at least one person must show ID showing they are 18+ and they must remain in the room.
  • The Library Code of Conduct applies to the use of the Collaboration Rooms (see Policies page).


 Specialty Rooms

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are available for community programs. For more information please contact library administration.

Ford Room

A secluded reading room that also houses the local history materials.

Green Screen Room

Designed to accommodate a group of up to eight people, this room comes equipped with a special green painted wall for video manipulation.

Quiet Reflection Room

Henry Ford Centennial Library also has a room set aside for quiet reflection. This Reflection Room is on the 3rd floor and serves as a space for quiet reflection in order to promote mental and physical health and well-being. There are certain guidelines for the use of this room, which are posted. Contact library staff for more information.

Quiet Study Room

This larger communal room is dedicated to quiet study.  The walls of the room are equipped with individual study carrels, each with dedicated outlets.

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